When: 2017- 2020
Roles: UX, UI, Lead Product Design
Channels: iOS, Web, Social, Physical
Client Project

Neyborly is a venture-backed startup that provides affordable gathering space that anyone can rent by the hour, day, or month. It's a technology-enabled real estate company trying to find a solution to the rampant vacancy of ground-floor commercial space.


I was the 3rd employee and was there for a little more than two years. I moved from Designer to Head of Design and was tasked with everything from leading the UX on our new web platform to creating and fostering a recognizable brand.

Head of Design
2017 - 2020

UX, UI, & Product Design

I was in charge of our small but potent creative team while at Neyborly. I tipped the spear on all design, both digital and physical, and was directly responsible for designing and prototyping nearly every page and feature on the new Neyborly site.

Research and Development

To kick-off the site redevelopment I led a summer long research with some of top guests. Through a series of in-person interviews and surveys they helped our product team create persona profiles and identify the largest pain points in our existing flow.

We used these R&D cycles of question and answer throughout the initial phases of production to discovery how these features can be integrated into our new site KPI's.

Website goals

On the business end - the new web platform had to increase total conversions (booking hours at a venue) at Neyborly spaces in every market.

From the user's perspective - we discovered that we needed to build an experience that continually educated and informed our guests and allowed them to book on-demand.

We focused on the calendar, booking funnel, and new venue pages. These crucial pages tied into our KPI's established at the onset of this project.

To design and prototype this site I used a combination of Sketch, Illustrator, & Photoshop and relied heavily on inVision and AdobeXD for hand-off to engineering and leadership.

20+ responsive pages.

Alive and well

The site's been live now for just over 40 days and we're successfully calculating all conversions (which is hovering around 12% for all you data nerds!) and have noted a reduced time-to-booking from our customer experience team. We'll be tracking these metrics and learning from our work long after I leave.

This process was quite complex and I've collected tons of sketches, drawings, and workflow shots on my accompanying process instagram @nathantrevino.process if you'd like to look behind the curtain.

Brand Identity

Even before I was full-time on the team, I was freelancing for Neyborly working on their wordmark and logo. Over my 3 years there I was fortunate enough to see this brand shown to 20,000+ people a month dotted across ground-floor venues along the West Coast.

Here it is in black & white and in San Francisco, Portland, and Oakland.

Visual Design

I wore a baker's dozen of design hats while at Neyborly. Most notably I was the steward of our interior design and graphic design styles. I made paintings, built an interior style guide, painted and designed murals (like the above door mural), and much much more. I've collected a handful of the graphic design elements I was responsible for as the Head of Design.

Collab w/ Javin Towers.

Adjacent colorways.

In the Mission.


My design with Neyborly is nearly as multi-media as you can get. From my recent leadership on the digital product design to my very first sketches of the logo, I loved every bit of it.

If you'd like to dig deeper into my process, I've built a small instagram where my sketches, ideas, and scratch documents end up for y'all.