When: 2019 - Ongoing
Roles: UX, UI, Product Design
Channels: iOS, Web
Client Project

Keyless is a pre-seed start-up that enables the easiest and most efficient way to explore and tour commercial real estate. It is a hardware+software solution that allows people to access commercial space automatically and without a broker or agent. I'm the sole/lead designer for the keyless team and am in charge or bring this new brand into existence.

Design Role:
Product, Brand ID
Client, 2020

What is the need?

As the sole product and visual designer I'm tasked with the challenge of bringing this new product to life both to the public and to its investors, institutions, and collaborators. I'm acting design lead on all projects from pitch decks to iOS app to desktop landing page.

Validation and Research

We began with an investigative mindset and interviewed dozens of landlords, brokers, and lessees on their experiences leasing retail and commercial properties.

Access and communication kept coming up again and again. We distilled the primary problem chains to:

1) Landlords wanted better feedback from brokers to assess property performance.

2) Brokers wanted more potential lessees to report more exact data.

3) Lessees just wanted to look inside as many buildings as possible on their own time.

Product & UX Design on Keyless

After our initial validation was complete I began work with a few wire-framed prototypes mixed in with a single high-fi shot for key stakeholders and investors. I worked with the Keyless executive team and our handful of use-case customers (landlords, brokers, CRE industry reps) to see if what we're building can solve this problem.

Simple, clean, & familiar UI

The app uses the new-yet-familiar map landing to orient our users and give them immediate access to each of the leasable spaces, their neighborhoods, and other nearby leaseable locations using our hardware & software solution.

Taking a hint from intel

The nature of Keyless is to be a recognizable tool for collaboration and access across storefronts, doors, and online property listings alike. This demands a logo and visual identity that plays well with others but is instantly distinct in nearly any situation.

Thus the "powered by" was born - a hopeful plan to create an access point technology that can be integrated with existing smart or electric lock styles.

UI feature focus

While creating the hi-fi prototype I focused on features all potential tenants need to know and the two crucial features that make the Keyless app unique.

The more interesting differentiators are the ability to remotely open and begin a self-guided tour & the ability to view multiple properties from multiple brokerages. I attempted to highlight these using our bright branding colors and easy-to-access UI.

Landings- dual use splash pages

The two-sided nature of this product requires two separate landing pages for potential customers. Users of the application and dashboards will be both potential lease holders and landlords and they deserve separate landing pages.

I decided to be very transparent and allow them to flip back and forth between each section. This builds trust and allows us to position ourself as a neutral tool that's as useful to one customer segment as it is to the other.

Visual & Branding Identity

When designing this Brand ID with the small team of collaborators, we needed a logo, and we needed it in 3 days (you've all been there). It had to work in both digital and physical mediums, and be simple & 'millennial'. With these directives in mind and a sketchbook in-hand, I sprinted to finish this mark shown below.


As 2020 rolls around the Keyless idea begins its quest into reality. We've built the lock, I've laid out the product design, and now we're off to the races with our beta testers. If you have any input or if this idea sounds like a fun - please reach out!

I've collected many whiteboard & sketchbook shots throughout my process on my process instagram.