Neyborly .physical

When: 2017- 2020
Roles: Brand, Visual ID, Creative Direction
Channels: Web, Interiors, Print
Client Project

Neyborly is a venture-backed startup that provides affordable gathering space that anyone can rent by the hour, day, or month. It's a technology-enabled real estate company trying to find a solution to the rampant vacancy of ground-floor commercial space.

Brand Identity

Even before I was full-time on the team, I was freelancing for Neyborly working on their wordmark and logo. Over my 3 years there I was fortunate enough to see this brand shown to 20,000+ people a month dotted across ground-floor venues along the West Coast.

Here it is in black & white and in San Francisco.

Brand activation and visual continuity.

As Neyborly expanded away from the first location in Berkeley California it became more and more important to create beautiful and non-intrusive brand activations. These took the form of large murals, exterior and interior signage, and dozens of business cards and letter heads in between.

Visual Design

I wore a baker's dozen of design hats while at Neyborly. Most notably I was the steward of our interior and graphic design styles. I made paintings, built an interior style guide, painted and designed murals (like the above door mural), and much much more. I've collected a handful of the graphic design elements I was responsible for as the Head of Design.

Collab w/ Javin Towers.

Adjacent colorways.

In the Mission.


My design with Neyborly is nearly as multi-media as you can get. From my recent leadership on the digital product design to my very first sketches of the logo, I loved every bit of it.

If you're looking for my UX / UI work with our product team - take a look here.

If you'd like to dig deeper into my process, I've built a small instagram where my sketches, ideas, and scratch documents end up for y'all.