Oakland Rugby Union

When: 2019 - 2020
Roles: Creative Direction, Visual ID, Web Design
Channels: Web, Online, Social
Personal Project

The Oakland Rugby Union is a service oriented Rugby Football Club in Oakland, CA. Members play, volunteer, and donate together. I'm the only designer on this passion project of mine.


The Oakland Rugby Union idea originated in conversations after my pick-up rugby matches in North Oakland. Every player had their nuanced reasons but at its core, the club concept is a response to each of our needs for a community.

Rugby players are known for their camaraderie and work ethic. The sport is coated (while not perfectly) with a high level of trust and companionship similar to many socially minded and activist groups.

To us, it made sense that rugby players naturally trended toward civic and socially oriented ideas and ideologies.

Put a group of ruggers together and you never know what they'll do.


"It is an incredible idea. Even though I'm sidelined because of my back, I'd love to volunteer off the field and coach on the field. Ruggers have always been the most loving people I've known.



The loud patterns and vibrant colors highlight the extraordinary nature of players in this club. The orange is particularly 'alarming'. It brings to mind feelings of speed and competition. It acts as both an invitation and a warning.

The creative direction and visual styles hope to elevate the players of this union. A team working toward more than just a sweat.


I opted for a more distinct visual style instead of a single logo or wordmark.

Patterns, lines, dots, black & white photos, and lots of orange.

We try and treat the athletes like heroes. Fighters on the field and activists off.

I ended up with a visual library of more than two dozen marks, patterns, and styles for each. With this visual system in hand we now have the power to create consistent-yet-dynamic assets and content for social media, print, the web, and beyond.

I'm currently working with the ruggers in my pick-up games to bring this brand and idea to life.


With the visual styles understood and the graphic elements defined I took a little time to flesh out the copy, do a few interviews, and mix it all together.

The site serves two purposes :

1) To get visitors excited and involved with the team and mission.

2) Get them to sign-up and show up to a practice, match, or community outreach event.

Like any good webpage designed to capture leads and market a service (in our case - marketing community service) it has a sticky header CTA and ends with a prominent connection.

& like any good marketing page it works on your phone, too.

if this team seems like something you'd like to participate in, let Nathan know! He really plays rugby, has real team-mates, and is really creating a list of fellow players for the Oak-Rug-Union.